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Goodies Oat Bars

Posted on Mon Jan 2012 by Miranda

I have been meaning to blog about Goodies bar for ages, so here it is. These might be aimed at Toddlers but Goodies Oat Bars are perfect for people with food intolerance’s too.

With Goodies snacks don’t have to be naughty.

There “No Junk Promise” range of Goodies organic yummy & nutritious toddler snacks avoid added salt, processed sugars or any nasty additives and in most cases are dairy and wheat free too.

I just tucked into the Organic Carrot Cake bar; a blend of wholegrain oats, raisins, carrot juice and orange oil. It’s kind like a flap jack but less sticky and I love them, perfect to have in your back for a snack emergency.

Goodies Carrot Cake Ingredients

I have purchased Goodies Oat Bars in Boots (where there are often offers), Sainsburys & Waitrose, you can also buy them at Goodies for £2.25.

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