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Bear Granola Nibbles

Posted on Thu Jul 2011 by Emma

Last week I took a trip down south to visit friends in Chippenham. I took the opportunity to visit Waitrose (the nearest to me is in Edinburgh so I don’t get to visit very often) and came across Bear Granola Nibbles.

One bag of Bear Granola Nibbles counts as one portion of your daily wholegrains, is high in fibre and contains around 99 calories depending on the variety. Best of all, they are wheat free, dairy free and sugar free and contain no preservatives, sulphites or gumming agents.

So far, I have tried the Cherry Cocoa Pie variety which contain oats, maize, cherry pieces (cherry and apple puree), coconut, nibbed cocoa beans and grape, apple & carob extract. They are a great crunchy, chocolaty snack that kept me going between meals – and I especially loved the cherry pieces!

As well as the Bear Granola Nibbles Bear make a whole range of different healthy snacks including two other varieties of granola nibbles (Apple Crumble & Tropical Crunch), fruit nibbles and fruit yo-yos and I’m looking forward to checking them all out!

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