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Gluten Free Snack

Posted on Fri Jul 2011 by Miranda

Finally getting round to writing up about an amazing gluten free snack I found in Waitrose last week; “Bounce Natural Energy Balls”, mmmm just thinking about them makes me hungry.

Bounce Energy Ball - Gluten Free Snack

Since trying my first ball (the green one) I was lucky enough to be sent all the other flavours to taste, now being the loyal person I am, I am sticking to the green one as my overall favourite but the others are really tasty too.

As the name suggest the snack comes in a squished ball shape, covered in nuts, which makes it crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle, really great texture combination that makes the eating even more enjoyable.

When I first opened it I was amazed by its dark green colour due to the spirulina and once I tucked in I was really impressed by its sweet and health taste. In fact the Gluten Free ball went down so quickly I had to pop back to the shop to buy another one so I could take some photos.

The Spirulina Ginseng Ball is the Bounce best seller, quoted by Bounce as being “unusual but tastes great” .

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is an amazing superfood, it helps to boost the immune system, and is a complete protein and a rich source of iron & fibre.

Spirulina Ginseng Ball Ingredients

Gluten Free Rolled Oats, Almonds, Brown Rice Starch, Grape Juice, Crispy Brown Rice (Brown Rice), Gluten Free Oat Bran, Spirulina (1.25%), Sesame Seeds, Raisins, Panax Ginseng (0.62%), Vanilla, Sea Salt, Natural Almond Flavouring (no MSG), Antioxidant (E306 from natural sources).

For those like me with a dairy free diet, watch out for the yellow and the orange Bounce Balls as they have whey in, however the rest of the balls you can freely tuck into as they are all dairy free. My partner Phil tried the the Yellow and Orange Protein bounce balls and he really liked them too, even with his sweet tooth.

For local stockist follow link – priced at £1.59.

Check for stockists in your area as Bounce Natural Energy Balls are a tasty Healthy AND Gluten Free Snack.

3 responses to “Gluten Free Snack”

  1. Claire says:

    I’m a fan of the special green ball too! Also the Fudgie Walnut (purple packet) is a winner as well. I tucked into mine whilst watching Bridesmaids at the cinema, ideal tasty treat and healthy too – BIG thank you to Bounce and to Miranda for sharing her find x

  2. Orchid Ra says:

    Green Balls! YUMMY! A great supplement to keep available for hypoglycemics!

  3. Nats says:

    I LOVE these!! I discovered the green one when I was home in October. Delighted to hear I can get them n Waitrose. Seriously yummy.

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