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Dairy, Yeast and Wheat Intolerance

Posted on Tue Aug 2010 by Miranda

I had an email this week with a cry out for help with a newly diagnosed Dairy, Yeast and Wheat Intolerance…  “I have recently been diagnosed with Dairy, Yeast and Wheat intolerance.  Do you have any advice on where best to buy products online?”

I also suffer from this combination of food intolerance’s and when first being diagnosed it was a bit daunting as it rules out a number of food groups and also really changes the kind of products you can freely buy in a supermarket. The great news is there are lots of products out there for you to try its just a) knowing what’s out there and b) where to buy it.

For starters check out these two articles as they will give you a few pointers when you have multiple food intolerance’s:

Living Dairy Free

There are some fantastic alternatives for dairy including lots of great soya, rice and oat based products to replace milk and spreads.

Dairy Free Spread

For lots more advice on products and living dairy free, check out our dairy free articles including these:

Yeast and Wheat Intolerance

Having a yeast and wheat intolerance as a rule means the end to bread as you may know it , as most bread on the supermarket contains both of these. However there is, believe it or not a life after bread.

Wheat and yeast can also be added to lots of other products, so if you buy any packaged products, especially cereals, bars and biscuits then check all the labels. It can be hard at first reading labels on everything but after a while you will get used to what you can and can’t have – and be excited to be on a new food journey of discovery, as there are lots of fantastic tasty products – most of which are healthier than the normal alternatives.

Lots of traditionally labelled free from food (especially gluten free) can be loaded with eggs, sugar, yeast and dairy so make sure you check the labels of all free from products – also in my experience especially with free from breads some can tasty pretty much of cardboard – you are actually better or looking for new products rather than replacements.

Gluten Free Flat Bread, Rye Bread and also baking yourself opens up lots of options for bready style alternatives – also you need to open up your cupboards to the likes of oat cakes and corn cakes as they can be a great filler when needed. Check out our Free From Bread section for lots more products and advice.

From  baking point of view there is some good news as Doves Free From Flour, general chickpea and rice flour are all fantastic for lots of recipes and as you can have sugar and eggs (very jealous)  in you diet you can pretty much make any cake simply replacing normal flour with a classic gluten free flour mix, you might want to look out for a gluten free baking as sometime people with yeast intolerance can react to anything that rises, so you might want to do a trial for example with some Free From Muffins.

Free From Products Online

Leaning what products you can have is the first step then working out where to buy them is the next, there are lots of fantastic websites, health food shops and even the supermarkets are getting better at providing Fussy Foodie friendly products.

Planet Organic – Planet Organic is a haven for nutritious, wholesome organic products including fruit & vegetables, confectionery, dried goods and beer & wine, as well as a range of organic health & well being and mother & baby products

Goodness Direct – Fantastic online health Food Shop

Living a life with a Dairy, Yeast and Wheat Intolerance is no doubt a challenge but the feel of health and well being you get will make it all worth it. Let us know how you get on and any products you find and enjoy,questions or help with specific recipes or product alternatives you need you know where to find us.

3 responses to “Dairy, Yeast and Wheat Intolerance”

  1. Anna says:

    Have you tried Celia’s kitchen gluten, dairy, yeast, soya and egg free bread- made with teff and quinoa flour? It’s absolutely delicious-definitely beats all the other brands, it actually tastes like real bread and it’s fresh. I tried it for the first time last week and am now on my 3rd loaf!

    • Allergic_Vegetarian says:

      I envy you! I am actually intolerant of Quinoa. I can have soya and yeast though.

      Rye flour has a low gluten content, so those who should be gluten free, can’t have Rye either.

      And, not all Oats are gluten free due to cross-contamination. Quaker brand does not care if their oats are cross-contaminated. However, Gluten free Oats do exist.

      Lastly, I react to so many foods, that I keep a short list of what I can eat on my laptop with a link to it with a MED Flag in case of medical emergency.

  2. Kate says:

    I’ve just recently been informed that I am intolerant to wheat,gluten,yeast,rye, durum wheat,corn,rice,oats, almonds, peanuts, legume mix, Ginger,garlic,mushrooms and diary. I’m desperately trying to find recipes that can be subtitutes.any advice?

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