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Posted on Thu Aug 2010 by Miranda

I just got an email from my sister telling me about a new range of Jelly Belly’s – Beanatural. Being on a sugar free diet I can’t give these a go, however if you are looking for a dairy and gelatin free sweet these could be worth a try.

“Our new range of delicious jelly beans for those who you who prefer a free from alternative. 20 amazing flavours individually compartmentalised with a flavour guide in the lid. Being virtuous has never been so good!” Jelly Belly

If you have given Beanaturals a try let us know what you think – just watch out for the sugar rush!

One response to “Beanaturals”

  1. Ella says:

    I just got excited, as I incorrectly read that these were sugar-free. Boo hoo…

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