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Rude Health Porridge

Posted on Wed Mar 2010 by Miranda

Mmmm I am always on the look out for food intolerance friendly cereals. So when I spied this Rude Health Porridge on offer I had to give it a try. There are 4 different varieties but I went for the fruity date organic porridge.

Described by Rude Health…

“Fruity Date is a warm, sensual start to the day which will leave you glowing all over. Its silky blend of oatmeal and oats is perfectly complimented by dates, apricots and apple pieces, with a dash of cinnamon to make this a truly exotic experience.”

Rude Health Porridge Ingredients:
Porridge Oats,
Jumbo Oats,
Dates (12%),
Ground Apple,

Priced at £3.99

I love porridge and although its a bit pricey its packed pull of flavour and makes a nice tasty porridge treat. If you want to make it last longer I added 50% more oats to bulk it out and spread the flavours. So next time you see rude health porridge pick up an packet and give it a try. If you try the other flavors let us know.

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  1. Dawn Bell says:


    Where would i find this porridge?

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