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Gluten Free Porridge Oats

Posted on Wed Feb 2010 by Miranda

For those of you looking for truly gluten free porridge oats check out this gluten free option from Hale & Hearty. The lovely folks at Hale & Hearty sent me some samaples of their fantastic range of Fussy Foodie products so watch this space with more from Hale & Hearty.

gluten free oats

“The UK Food Standards Agency permits the labeling of gluten free oats falling below 20ppm. Ours are certifed gluten free and ELISA tested below 5ppm. This product is licensed by Coeliac UK.

Conventional oat companies do little to prevent the cross-contamination of oats when planting, harvesting, transporting, milling and processing.

Our oats are tested 10 times between planting and harvest to assure seed purity, and then again before they are sealed and packed. says Hale & Hearty

I am a big porridge fan but I am quiet fussy how I like my porridge and normally go for quiet a chunky rolled oat something like
Jordans Porridge Oats (not Coeliac tested). Well I have to say I liked them, it has a more porridgy texture than a rolled oat and also quicker to  cook and have what I can only describe as a really clean taste.

Are oats gluten free?

Current medical literature states that most coeliacs can safely eat moderate amounts of uncontaminated oats… more advice on are oats gluten free?

You can buy the gluten free porridge oats from Hale and Heart in Waitrose and online and instore at Planet Organic – love to know what you think too.

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  1. Hilary says:

    Hello, I am coaliac, and used to get the delicious Hale and Hearty pancake mix from a local supermarket but now can’t find it anywhere, nor can I find your porridge oats, or Pizza base Help! I have a Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrison’s nearby and my post coade is DD69EE – if that helps.Many thanks, Hilary

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