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Naked Drinks

Posted on Fri Jan 2010 by Miranda

In need of a drink with a bit of sustenance whilst shopping this morning I found Naked Drinks range on the shelves at Waitrose. After a quick analysis of the ingredients and the not from concentrate and no added sugar labelling I was sold.


Inside every bottle:

2 ¾ Apples
1/3 Kiwi fruit
½ Banana
a slice of Pineapple
1/3 Mango

also Spirulina, Chlorella,
Broccoli, Spinach,
Blue Green Algae,
Garlic, Barley Grass,
Wheat Grass, Ginger,

For me this juice is a bit of treat as I try not to have too much fruit sugars, however I was too tempted so gave it a try. This naked drink mainly tastes of apple and is really freshening with a bit of a kick from all the added lovelies such as ginger and chlorella.

If you spot Naked Drinks on a shelf near you give it a try and let us know if you try any of the other varieties.

One response to “Naked Drinks”

  1. Jessica says:

    I LOVE this drink, it gives you such a great energy boost and you can just tell it’s all so healthy!!!

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