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Sugar free Cranberry Sauce

Posted on Mon Jan 2010 by Laura

This sugar free cranberry sauce was an experiment to use up some leftover christmas cranberries but it is going down a treat with cheese and meats.


And I have to say it’s a whole lot tastier and healthier than the horribly bitter orange and cranberry relish that I made for christmas following a Delia recipe word for word.For a decent sized jar full of my sugar free cranberry sauce add the following ingredients to a small non-stick pan:

Simmer all the ingredients until they become mushy and most of the cranberries breakdown (this only takes about ten minutes). Towards the end of the cooking add a squeeze of agave nectar to taste and pop the mixture into a sterilised jar to cool.

That’s it my tasty sugar free cranberry sauce done!

3 responses to “Sugar free Cranberry Sauce”

  1. Miranda says:

    Ooo reminds me of Christmas – I did a similar one on Christmas day and everyone loved it, even without the sugar. I think you need your Cranberry sauce a bit tarty anyway adds to the taste.

  2. Vicky LIndsay says:

    I read that you had a good yeast free bread recipe and was it gluten free too? Can’t find it at your site. Any help?

  3. Miranda says:

    Hello Vicky – here is a quick link to all the Free From Bread recipes. Let us know how you get on.

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