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Food Intolerance Diary Week 11

Posted on Fri Nov 2009 by Miranda

I have not posted my food intolerance diary for a few weeks so will be posting a few to catch up on all my eating adventures; this weeks includes a trip to London. I am still tracking my eating daily, really helps to keep focused and also share my experiences of having multiple food intolerance’s

My food restrictions are:
Sugar Free & Yeast Free (due to candida diet), intolerant to: gluten, dairy, eggs, some oily fish and cashew nuts.

NB. Also as part of a healthy balanced diet and to avoid energy low’s I am aiming to eat 5 times a day; three main meals and two proper snacks (all of which must contain some protein). Each main meal needs to be eaten slowly with a balance of 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein and 1/2 vegetables.

So here goes the latest on my food diary:

Food diary day 1
Breakfast Porridge with soya milk.
Snack Sugar Free Granola
Lunch Carrot and coriander soup with a couple of herb oat cakes (my fav).
Snack An apple.
Dinner Bacon and potato rosti with mixed salad.
Other Hot oatly with sprinkle of cocoa.


Food diary day 2
Breakfast Two of my Egg Free Pancakes: apple and coconut | lemon, linseed and agave nectar squeeze.
Snack Sugar Free Granola and an apple.
Lunch Gluten Free Pasta with  tomato, bacon, pepper and green beans.
Snack 2 herb oat cakes and a banana
Dinner Salmon fillet with sauteed potatoes and a big salad: chicory, lettuce, tomato, pepper and cucumber.


Food diary day 3
Breakfast Porridge with soya milk, linseed and dessicated coconut.
Snack Banana
Lunch An avocado and a few oat cakes.
Snack On route to London 2 plums and some nachos.
Dinner Meal at Saf Restaurant – raw Mexican tacos and coconut cheesecake with apple sorbet (dairy and sugar free).
Other A gin and ginger cocktail (made with Ginger flavoured Whole Earth Drinks) then a blueberry and gin cocktail.


Food diary day 4
Breakfast Gluten Free Cornflakes with a few oats and a sprinkle of Sugar Free Granola
Snack Banana
Lunch Restaurant: Venison stew with chips and kale.
Snack Few nuts
Dinner BBQ Aussie style: Gluten Free Sausages (Ostrich), few chips, piece of steak, corn on the cob, some asparagus and 1/3 grilled tomato.
Other Appletiser with sparkling water.


Food diary day 5
Breakfast Gluten Free Cornflakes with a few nuts and a sprinkle of Sugar Free Granola
Snack Slice of bacon (random I know)
Lunch Parma ham, 1/2 fig , some tomato, 2 oat cakes and some avocado. Then sampled these tasty Raw Desserts.
Dinner Take Away Curry: Poppadums, and homemade onion salsa, rice and chicken sagwala curry.
Other Soya chai latte


Food diary day 6
Breakfast Porridge with soya milk and linseed sprinkle.
Snack An apple and an Ombar
Snack Green Veggie Juice: Barley grass, apple, ginger and beetroot.
Dinner Gluten Free Pasta with bacon, beetroot, onion and endive then a Wheat Free Bar


Food diary day 7
Breakfast One of my Egg Free Pancakes: with a few flaked almonds and Sugar Free Fruit Spread
Snack An apple
Lunch A jacket potato with Tomato Pesto
Dinner Pork chop with rice and salad

NB. In my food diary I have not included all the water, mugs of Ginger tea and Licorice Tea I drink.

More updates on my food intolerance diary coming soon so watch this space.

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