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Raw Desserts

Posted on Mon Oct 2009 by Miranda

A trip to London with my bestest friends, sailing up on the London eye and then trying these amazing raw desserts for the first time, life just doesn’t get any better. Produced by The Living Food Kitchen, these vegan and sugar treats are seriously amazing.

Raw desserts

Living kitchen raw desserts

There are three flavours: Raw Pumpkin Pie, Raw Chocolate Mousse and Raw Lemon Cheesecake.

NB. They are all raw, dairy & egg free and have no added sugar, sweetened purely by Agave Nectar.

The chocolate one is silky smooth with a deep chocolate taste, whilst the tang lemon cheesecake with its smooth and crunchy bottom is richer and tangy to taste. After much deliberation and lots of tasting my favorite might even be the surpise Raw Pumpkin pie; deeper in flavour with the extra crunch can’t wait to visit Planet Organic¬†in London for my next tasting session of these seriously tasty and Fussy Foodie friendly raw desserts.

2 responses to “Raw Desserts”

  1. Claire says:

    Now available in Blueberry Cheesecake and Banofee Pie – the most delicious treat I have tasted in a very long time, yum yum yum! – well done The Living Food Kitchen!

  2. Sarah Jameson says:

    Dear Fussy Foody,please help!
    I have recently been told I must cut out of my diet all dairy,all sugars including fruit and dried fruit and yeast,this as lead me to be spending all my time reading labels!Eating out is now very difficult.I am trying to completly rethink my whole diet.Regards,Sarah

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