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Alpro Treats

Posted on Tue Sep 2009 by Laura

If you like Alpro products and like me you love a freebie then you won’t want to miss out on the new Alpro Treats scheme. You simply collect codes from Alpro packs and save up for treats¬†from cereal bowls and yoga mats (5 product codes) to¬†MP3 players and juicers (12 products).


Sound too good to be true? Yes, I thought so too but can’t see a catch just yet. Some of the Alpro treats are likely to run out quickly but I guess there will be new ones added too. To get started you need to log in at www.alprotreats.com and then it’s just a case of consuming lots of Alpro milk and yoghurts – I’m sure I can manage this bit!

4 responses to “Alpro Treats”

  1. woooooo says:

    The codes are impossible to read. have 3 waiting to be submitted but i keep getting invalid code warning! how can I get in touch with Alpro? I need to let them know. so frustrating to have given my details and not be able to participate. any help much appreciated! Thank you

  2. joan clements says:

    I find it so frustrating i am trying to sign up to alprotreats but you will not except my code where i live which is correct, could you please sort this for me, i would appreciate it. your sincerly mrs j clements

  3. Laura says:

    That’s odd, I didn’t have any problem submitting my codes. There weren’t a great deal of prizes left though – have just had an email to say my Alpro bowl is on its way, woohoo!!

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