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Artisan Bread

Posted on Tue Aug 2009 by Miranda

Last week I had a lovely email from the folks at Artisan Bread Ltd, after seeing a conversation on the chatroll where someone was looking for a yeast and gluten free pizza base.

Keen to find out more of course I got in touch and quickly ordered the sample pack of wheat and gluten free breads.

Well I have been waiting by the door this morning for my freshly baked samples to arrive and as I heard a louder than normal noise from the post I knew they were here – hurray! I have to say that seeing the box I was a little dissapointed at the size, I know they are samples but they were tiny bite sized pieces and at £4.95 I feel a little pricey.

 Artisan breads

Tucked inside my parcel I found 5 little fresh bread samples:

Quinoa Bread | Buckwheat Pizza Base | Rice Bread | Buckwheat Bread and Linseed Bread.

How did they taste?

I could not wait to try them, the first one I tried was my favourite which I have narrowed down to be the linseed bread; really moist and very tasty, will be ordering some of that artisan bread and it has also given me some inspiration to try and get my bread maker working with no yeast, no gluten or sugar as it is possible. Artisan Bread Ltd also supply lots of flours so I will check those out too.

I am yet to try the special Buckwheat Pizza base sample but will give that a whirl over luncheon and let you know how it goes. I am really pleased that Artisan Breads got in touch they clearly have a quality product and I think I will give a whole linseed loaf a go and see how I get on with that – toast in the morning would be a treat I have not had for a very long time.

2 responses to “Artisan Bread”

  1. Miranda says:

    Result of my Yeast Free Pizza – delicous!

  2. did you manage to make bread, i am also gluten dairy and lots of other things alergic to. if you have any recipies i would welcome your results. best wishes maria

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