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Posted on Tue Aug 2009 by Miranda

I’m always on the look out for a tasty treat and Ombar definitely bought a smile to my face. Ombar superfood chocolate bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, are vegan, gluten & soya free and use Agave Nectar in place of refined sugar – perfect for my fussy foodie needs!

Ombar Vegan Superfood Chocolate Bar 

Ombar are made in five different flavours – Cashew & Coconut, Banana & Hempseed, Acai, Goji & Lucuma and Cranberry. 

The main ingredients within each bar are cacao mass, agave nectar, cacao butter and coconut cream with each bar then having their individual flavours added be it acai, banana, hempseed, cranberry.

The bars are produced at low temperatures to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients, and each bar is enriched with superfood powder for a powerful punch of anti-oxidants in each bite.

Ombars are made by Mood Foods and are available online through their website, or through a number of wholefood and health food outlets including Planet Organic, Revital Health, Fresh and Wild and many more, check out the Mood Foods website for details.

One response to “Ombar”

  1. Miranda says:

    Mmmm just had my ombar – almost like chocolate – great texture and no funny after taste. Would have loved a few more nuts for extra crunch!

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