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Sesame Halva

Posted on Mon Aug 2009 by Miranda

The lovely Claire told me about some sesame halva that she was tucking into last week, her version had honey in so a no go for me at the moment, however I spied the Sunita Grape Juice and Sultana Halva in my local health food shop. So I decided as a treat (due to high grape juice content) I would give it a try. Well all I can say is the packet did not last long…

 Grape juice Halva

Sesame Halva ingredients: Ground Sesame Seeds(48%), Concentrated Grape Juice(42%), Sultanas(10%).

£1.60 – Ethical Superstore
£1.06 – Goodness Direct

So give this gluten free sesame halva a try, it might look a little strange but it really is a tasty treat.

One response to “Sesame Halva”

  1. Claire says:

    Halva really is a treat worth trying – I enjoyed mine with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon. There is also a really tasty chocolate version – made with honey, its a slightly more crumbly texture than the grape juice sweetened version and is great on top of vanilla booja booja! :o)

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