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Almond Dark Chocolate

Posted on Sun Aug 2009 by Laura

If, like me, you love dark chocolate then you will have to seek out Marks and Spencer Dark Mountain Bar. Believe me I have tried most brands of the dark stuff but in my opinion this almond dark chocolate beats them all hands down.

dark mountain bar

Dark Mountain Bar Allergen Info:

My almond dark chocolate story

It was on the way to a long weekend in Anglesey that I first discovered the M&S almond dark chocolate at Stafford services on the M6. It was so delicious that when I realised last weekend that we were heading back up the M6 to the Lake District I couldn’t wait to find services with an M&S food shop. I literally leapt out of the car at Knutsford, only to find that they only had the milk chocolate version, noooooo!! Don’t worry we stopped later on (I think it was Lancaster) and I bought two bars. You don’t have to climb a mountain to enjoy it but we did and it tasted even better afterwards!!

One response to “Almond Dark Chocolate”

  1. Wendy Knox says:

    One of the best I have ever tatsed, in fact I was worried recently that they have been discontinued as can’t find an, in the city ??

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