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Healthy Falafel

Posted on Tue Jul 2009 by Miranda

These healthy falafel are a twist on the traditional falafel recipe that originates from the middle east.  The ingredients within falafel itself are all very suited to our fussy foodie dietary requirements using chickpeas & spices to make a pattie / ball which is then traditionally deep fried. Now I’m not usually a fan of deep fried foods but I have recently been tempted into a falafel or two after discovering an amazing lebanese market stall at Whitecross Street Market, London.

After tasting how good these falafel were, I was inspired to come up with a healthy falafel I could make at home which I could grill rather than fry, and I think I’ve done it. They are great hot from the grill with pickles, couscous and salad, or left to cool they’re great as a snack.

Falafel Chickpea Burgers

Healthy Falafel Ingredients:

Health Falafel Recipe:

Dry toast the cumin and coriander seeds in a frying pan (no oil) over a low-medium heat for a few minutes until aromatic. Tip into a pestle & mortar and grind to a rough powder.

Place all the ingredients, including the cumin & coriander seed powder, into a food processor and pulse until the ingredients are well combined and chunky.

Using wet hands, mould the mixture into patties (depending on the size you prefer, the mixture could make between 8 – 12 patties)

Place the patties onto a baking tray and cook under the grill until toasted / firm on the outside and the patties turn more of a golden yellow.  Remember to turn the falafel occasionally to cook on both sides.

Leave the falafel to cool for a minute or two after removing from the grill to allow the falafel to firm up, serve with your choice of accompaniment.

These healthy falafel are a simple and nutritious way to enjoy the great flavours of this traditional middle eastern cuisine.

2 responses to “Healthy Falafel”

  1. Miranda says:

    I went in the kitchen and the cupboatds were bare…. however a trip to the garden for some lettuce, a tomator found randomly in the fridge and some store cupboard ingredients and I have a delightful and healthy falafel for my lunch – winner!

  2. Laura says:

    I am a big fan of falafel but have never tried making my own (mainly because I didn’t fancy the deep frying). Will have to try this and see how they compare with my favourite Waitrose ones!

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