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Vegan Pesto

Posted on Sat Jul 2009 by Miranda

If you love green pesto but are lactose intolerant like me, then you’ll be pleased to hear there is a fantastic Vegan Pesto made by Meridian and available in most supermarkets, usually in the aisle catering for special dietary requirements.


Green Pesto


The vegan pesto ingredients include: basil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, cashew nuts, mustard seeds, garlic, dehydrated potato, salt, acidity regulator, lime juice concentrate, black pepper.

Just stir this vegan pesto into cooked pasta, gluten free pasta if required, top with Dairy free parmesan cheese, add to a pasta sauce, use as stuffing in a chicken breast or spread on a slice of gluten free bread or toast for a delicious Italian flavour to your food.

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