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Gluten Free Pasta

Posted on Thu Jul 2009 by Miranda

Yesterday I made a really fresh tasting lunch with Doves Farm Gluten Free Pasta. My pack was the Organic Maize & Rice Pipe Rigate Pasta.

rice-maize-pasta Gluten Free Pasta Ingredients:

Mazie 70%, rice 30%.

Most gluten free pasta I have tasted has just been made of corn so the addition of rice was a nice change. The pasta tasted nice with more of a nutter taste, also had a great texture and shape.

I served my pasta warm with a dash of olive oil, some fresh peas from my veggie patch, few seeds, fresh thyme and a sprinkle of dairy free parmesan cheese.

Gluten free pasta with fresh peas,thyme and seeds
Gluten free pasta with fresh peas,thyme and seeds

This gluten free pasta, is really worth trying and I would love to hear your recipe ideas.

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