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Green Veggie Juice

Posted on Fri Apr 2009 by Miranda
Filed under: Drink

I was inspired this morning by a TV Programme where they made a veggie juice with spinach. Not something I have tried before, but with a bag of fresh spinach lying in the fridge I decided to give it ago.

Green Veggie Juice

Green Veggie Juice

This green veggie juice might not be for a veggie juice virgin but you can add more apple for extra sweetness at first.

Green veggie juice ingredients:

Push all the veggies through your juicer and volia a fantastic healthy green veggie juice – said to have anti ageing properties and be a fantastic start to the day.

One response to “Green Veggie Juice”

  1. Claire says:

    I was dubious about how this would taste with it being so green, but with Miranda being so excited by it I gave it a go…its unusual, the more I drank the more I enjoyed it and its something in which you can definitely taste all the goodness. The mint is a nice touch. So much so that I picked a sprig from my garden at the weekend and made an apple, cucumber and mint juice – yum! Perfect for a sunny spring afternoon.

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